Surgical Appliances

Surgical Appliances

The term surgical appliances was the commonly used name of a department in most hospitals that has over time been changed to orthotic department.

For anyone involved with the Health Service, our company manufactures all custom-made items on the contract apart from fabrics.

For members of the public wishing to aquire these items privately, most of the range is listed below:

  • Helmets,
  • Cervical collars,
  • Spinal bracing,
  • Callipers,
  • Hip spicas,
  • Wrist/Hand/Elbow orthotics,
  • Pelvic harness,
  • Crutches etc.

These items are manufactured in a whole range of different materials and are all custom-made.

For more information contact our company by phone 0208 684 2364 or email or via our contact page.

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