Shoe Modifications and Maintainance

Here at JSM Ltd, we offer an extensive range of modifications to customers own footwear, specifically for medical requirements. These modifications include:

  • External raises for leg length discrepancies.
  • Floated, Rocker and Wedge type soles and heels.
  • Calliper Sockets and Straps.
  • Sole Stiffeners and Plates.
  • Bumpers and Welt guards.
  • Stretching.

When sending customers own shoes for various types of adaptation the most important thing to consider is the type of construction.

With micro raises for example, we always try to position the raise between the upper and the existing sole and heel. This is done for both neatness and to try and disguise the raise as much as possible. However, if the footwear is unsuitable to be adapted in this manner, it will probably mean adding the raise to the base of the existing sole and heel.

With some of the modern heavy cleated soles and heels this on occasions presents a problem. The reason for this is that when scouring the cleat away, we lose a certain amount of height. So, as a general rule it is easier if the pair can be provided.

Some of the current high street footwear is manufactured without an insole or in some cases with very little substance to it. This can sometimes present a problem with a micro raise or more importantly when the footwear requires a calliper socket.

It is not only the construction to be considered, the style is sometimes as important. For example, a sandal is not suitable for a corrective adaptation, where the foot needs to be held in place.

Please, always inspect the footwear before sending it to us.

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"A big thanks to all the staff at JSM for all the excellent work you have done on my shoes over the last 15 years"

RN, Norbury