arrow-blue Foot Functional Othotics

The procedure for ordering foot orthotics is exactly the same as for the total contact inlays.

However, with orthotics we manufacture them from a plastic / carbonfibre type material.

Once again they are almost always supplied with various types of postings and relief pads to suit patient needs.

These inlays are not only extremely supportive but when using the lighter gauge of material prove very useful when space inside the footwear is at a premium. 

Download Mens Footwear PdfYou can download a pdf of the Foot Functional Orthotics Catalogue from this link

"Thanks to all the staff at JSM who played a big part in making my boots look so good, the colour is beautiful and up to date and fashionable style as well"

PE, Bath

"Please Sole & Heel with hardwearing materials as previous as I have covered many comfortable miles in those boots"

DC, Devon