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Poly Body JacketAn Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) provides patients that experience a loss of sensation in lower limb with greater stability and improved gait. It is made from an individual cast.

A Knee-Ankle-Foot orthoses (KAFO) is an orthopaedic appliance that encompasses the foot, ankle, lower leg, knee and thigh. A KAFO provides the features of an AFO with the addition of proctection, correction and support of the knee joint. It is usually made from an individual cast but can be also made from detailed outline and measures.

Spinal Jackets are made in various materials from an individual plaster cast of the body.

This type of jacket is suitable for the long term wearer suffering from various back/spinal problems.

"A big thanks to all the staff at JSM for all the excellent work you have done on my shoes over the last 15 years"

RN, Norbury

"Shoes and insoles are perfect fitting"

DT, London